F.I.N.D. Project

Welcome to the F.I.N.D. project. We are a group of schools from six countries – Greece, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland and the UK.

Our project will use research and the most current technologies to develop educational activities and teaching methodologies to engage young people from 3-18 in STEAM subjects. We will use the latest technologies to close the gender gap that exists in the uptake of STEAM subjects, ensuring that female students have equal access to the opportunities. Innovation will be a key theme and we will be following the principles of the Future Classroom Lab developed in Brussels as a teaching framework. This will be done through the development of a Future CLassroom Lab at one of the partner schools. We will work with a range of organisations including Birmingham University's robotics department; MIT online game lab and Scientix. The teaching methodologies that will be developed will include flipped and blended learning which are both effective methods of spreading open and innovative education..

Schools Involved